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Doll Upgrades

Jun 3, 2024
New Silicone Doll Upgrades Available Now

New Silicone Doll Upgrades Available Now

Dear All,

We are excited to inform you about the latest updates and additional purchasing options for silicone dolls from the past 10 days. These enhancements are designed to improve the durability and functionality of your silicone dolls. Below are the details of the upgrades available after 5/20:

1. Upgrade to Hardened Feet

Why Choose Hardened Feet?

The feet of our silicone dolls can now be upgraded and reinforced for better durability. Historically, Aotumedoll silicone dolls have utilized "zero degree silicone" for both the head and body, known for its exceptional softness, good toughness, fine molding lines, and the ability to stand unaided without screws in the feet. However, customers needed to ensure the sex doll wore socks, shoes, or stood on soft ground to avoid damage.

What’s New?

  • Enhanced Hardening Process: Starting from the ankle, the entire foot undergoes a hardening process. This results in a more durable foot structure, with a subtle material fusion mark at the ankle.
  • Maintained Softness: Despite the hardening, the feet retain a certain level of softness to enhance support and wear resistance when standing.
  • Standing Recommendation: It is still advisable for guests to use socks, shoes, or ensure the sex dolls stands on a soft surface to prolong the lifespan of the feet.

2. Strong Suction Vagina Option

Enhanced Experience

All silicone bodies, except the 105cm model, can now be upgraded with a strong suction function for the vagina. This enhancement offers a more realistic and gratifying experience compared to the conventional vaginal option.

Comparison Highlights

  • Conventional Vagina: Provides standard functionality.
  • Upgraded Strong Suction Vagina: Offers a more intense, gripping experience for enhanced satisfaction.

Please ensure that this information reaches the end customers, as these upgrades significantly enhance the usability and longevity of our silicone dolls.

Thank you for your continued support!

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